SHADOW CLASS- Shadow one of our blend experts!

SHADOW CLASS- Shadow one of our blend experts!

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Did you ever wish you had a mentor!? Someone that can guide you and show you the way, get all your questions answered!?

Do you want to break through your pain points, fast forward your career.... well your in the right spot.

Come Spend the day with diana Vivi @dvcolour

Take advantage of the opportunity to shadow her through out the whole day.

Get up close and personal, in this live experience master class and see how the master transforms  3 real live clients.

watch how she navigates through  the whole process through  consultation, techniques, application, formulation, styling, and social media..

Are you struggling on how to get the right shot, build your portfolio.

Dvcolour can’t wait to help you and show you how to capture the right shot.

Join and whiteness first hand the Dvcolour strategies. That will transform your career and translate into additional revenue and client retention.

Begin to do the clients you love, raise the bar, and deliver results that stand out.

With clarity and confidence

This is an in person exclusive shadow class thats designed to mirror the real life scenarios behind the chair.

Limited availability

With exclusive access