Blend the Rules: Formulation Edition by @DvColour

Blend the Rules: Formulation Edition by @DvColour

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Are you struggling with creating formulations to achieve your client’s hair inspo?

We know how difficult it is to be behind the chair... and we want to simplify it for you! Let us TUNE UP YOUR FORMULATION FOR TONING!

This New Year, join Diana Vivi @DVcolour and Sharon @YogaColourist for an exclusive formulation and toning workshop showing you how to formulate like a pro on 4 LIVE models with a focus on Brondes, Brunettes and Beiges!

CLASS DATE: Sunday, March 7th, 2021 

TIME: 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM EST (Toronto/Eastern Time Zone)

Get 48 HOUR PLAYBACK ACCESS so you can master how to navigate through your formulation process!

Get the insider on our Secret Formulas and Toning Strategies with the tools to empower your formulation behind the chair!

We're teaching you the 4 exclusive DV Colour zone tone techniques and the versatile blending results they give!!!!

1. Double Dip Toning
2. High Low toning
3. Fundamental zone tone
4. Front Out toning
What we'll be covering:
• Pairing shades and design ratio
• How to understand skin tones and design complementary hues
• Zone tone analysis
• How to Formulate to create transitional tones
• How to use the degree scale
• How to pick the perfect inspo photo
• Troubleshooting 

We encourage you to take the “faith in formulation” course to better prepare you for this workshop!

Click here to access our Faith In Formulation Masterclass