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The industry is always changing ,but how are you growing with it? 

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Learn from Industry 

Fast forward your styling journey and grow your talents with globally renowned hair educators.  

Get a Hands-on Experience

Listen, look, and learn with live models and build the confidence to navigate any situation behind the chair.   

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Get a personalized educational experience of everything you need to know to build a successful styling career.    

Tell me & I forget, Teach me & I remember
Involve me & I learn 

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Explore Our 3 Pillars of Success

1) Consultation
Consultation is so much more than an opportunity to discover your client’s hair goals. It’s a fundamental journey to build trust, develop relationships, and successfully retain business. Being the first pillar of Blend Academy, Consultation is the foundation of the appointment that sets up the tone for the whole client experience. This is where you gain control and be the doctor from the minute you meet your client, fostering trust and loyalty with each client starts with your consultation.

It is important to understand the language of your clients and deliver the proper dialogue that will set you up for success. Learn how to master the art of consulting behind the chair with the classes we offer at Blend Academy.

2) Formulation
Formulation is like a scientific equation. It is important to balance all the elements to deliver the results you and your client expect. Each client’s hair story is individual. It requires a specific customization to contour their best features and placement of the right shades to emphasize their skinstone. There’s no one size fits all formula. Every client is a unique canvas and desires a different end goal.

No two heads of hair are the same nor will they react to colour and lightener the same. This pillar is important to assess efficiently in all stages of your client’s hair colouring process: Lifting stage, Colouring and toning. This determines the integrity and sets the tone of your client’s end result. Master all shades and levels of blonde, bronde and brunette with Blend Academy’s signature formulas. 

3) Technique
Art and strategy combined, your technique dictates your final design. Marrying together your application and formulation, the technique you apply will also solely depend on what you’re trying to achieve and the type of hair you’re working with. Every single canvas will require its own personalized technique that will shift depending on your client’s hair goals and the impact you’ll want to have.

Knowing which techniques to apply, and most importantly HOW to apply them is a skill that will fundamentally make or break your final results. In this pillar, we’re diving into teaching you how to create the exact negative space vs. lightness you’re trying to achieve, the placement patterns you need to know, the different types of teases and layering strategies. All the essential elements of your techniques to perfect your design ratio and start blending like a pro! 


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The truth is, there is no secret to success. But there is a system: a system that’s been built on endless dedication, relentless passion, and most importantly: years of consistent hard work. At Blend Academy, we’re not just teaching you how to paint — we’re teaching you how to think by transforming the way you approach hair, clients, and business. We’re here to simplify the process and help you get closer to your wildest dreams by becoming more in demand, attracting clients of the highest-calibre, and ultimately, taking your career to new heights.

With our polished 3 pillar philosophy

  Consultation, Formulation & Technique>

This academy is for everyone at all levels whether you are a beginner or an advanced artist we'v got the class for you Become DV Certified Cause we know you got it.