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Exclusive one on one training to help you become an expert behind the chair!

So, what's a Shadow Class?

So, what's a Shadow Class?
Get up close with dvcolour Diana Vivi and she shares her secrets on how she navigates and paints behind the chair. In this full day workshop, you will get the opportunity to work with Diana and see how she transforms 3 clients.

In this shadow class you won’t just watch, you will be involved. When you are involved you will remember. You will get hands on experience while you shadow and assist Diana for the day.

This intimate one on one class is designed to have you involved. You will watch Diana transform 3 live models from start to finish, as she shares with you how she uses the Dvcolour blue print to comes up with every clients design ratio, pattern, placement strategies, formulation, & Zone toning. Get exclusive access to behind the scenes and watch how she styles each client to capture the best shot and lighting to build your brand & social media.

You will leave with confidence to utilize what you learn and effectively execute it behind the chair. Start to think like a master. Gain access to the Blue print that will have you accelerate your skillset behind the chair, giving you the structure and techniques that will set you up for sucess! Like we say, learn more to earn more. The day will start with a 30 minute coaching session with Diana. This workshop will be customized for your learning experience, pain points and strengths. An itinerary will be given to you prior so you know exactly what the day entails! Come with a rested mind. Drop everything you know as you will enter a new way that will blow you away.
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You will receive an itinerary few weeks before class The workshop starts with a coaching session. Followed by 2 clients every 1.5 hour. You will see The start to the end of all clients process. Consultation, techniques, formulation ,social media.